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In the context of gifting data, what does it mean to "have a data plan"? I don't pay for data right now, but I still get free data from fizz. They consider that not having a data plan? Can someone explain that? So if I sign up for data for next month, can I receive data then, or the next billing cycle needs to activate?

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    that’s how it works, if you have a plan with data, you can offer and receive data from other members. The only data a member could give you without this plan are the gift cards (Perks) offered by Fizz.

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    Your plan must effectively include data. So when you created your plan you need to have at least the lowest amount of data (which is 1GB) on your plan. Any changes to your plan, will be effective as of the next payment cycle. So if you have 10 days left in your cycle, and you make changes to your plan now, in 10 days, you will have data on your plan.

    The details are listed here:

    Also, keep in mind...

    You cannot gift:

    An unlimited feature, such as text, minutes or minutes for international calls


    Gifted data (no re-gifting allowed!)

    Data that has already been rolled over

    Also, keep in mind, that if you have some OLDER grandfathered preferential pricing plan, as soon as you make any changes to your plan, your plan will now revert to the current prices.

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    You need to pay for data in the billing cycle that you are in for data to be gifted to you. You will need to wait until your next billing cycle.


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