Use old sim card or get a new sim card?

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Hello I am planning to switch from Fido to Fizz. I have ordered a phone with a new sim card as well.

My question is would it be better to transfer my old sim card into my new phone to retain all my contacts etc, does it work this way? Or should I just use the new SIM card that is coming with the phone? If I use the new SIM card is there a way to transfer all my contact info, messages etc over to my new phone?


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    Hi @Mike_C

    You will need a new SIM card. Each provider has thier own cards.

    Contacts should be stored in the cloud, either through your google or apple account, if your phone is set up to be synced properly.

    When setting up a new Android phone, it will ask you for your main account associated to your phone (gmail address or other) and will then proceed to ask you if you want to restore any backups that may be in the cloud. I am pretty sure Apple has similar options. Once you log in, things should syncronize. And this has nothing to do with the SIM card. You don't even need a sim card to test this, just set up the phone with no sim card, just connect to WiFi and you will see if it restores everything you need.

    Depending on version of old OS on your phone, some things may NOT backed up and restored (like SMS message history). There are some apps that allow you to backup certain aspects separately, but those are all done one at a time on older devices.


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    Thank you <3

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    As already mentioned. You should save your contacts in the cloud as you will need a new SIM card :)

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