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I’m currently abroad but in need of a Canadian number for verification. Can the fizz sim be activated abroad? My home address is in Ottawa, so I can get the sim shipped there, and then forwarded to me.

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    Hi Manila,

    yes absolutely, you can activate it from anywhere in the world since this procedure is done online. : )


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    Here’s how to order your very first Fizz SIM card:
    1. Go to the Fizz subscription page.
    2. Create an account by entering your name, email and password.
    3. Enter the number of SIM cards you wish to order (If you want multiple plans you can order more than one SIM — for example, for your spouse or your kids.)
    4. Enter your home/service address (this address must be within the Fizz coverage area).
    5. Add your delivery address (if different from your home/service address).
    6. Select your shipping method.
    7. Enter your payment information and click Submit.
    8. ... When you receive your SIM card, visit to activate your sim card

    *Your shipping address must be located within the Fizz coverage area.

    *Our SIM cards are now available in some Couche-Tard stores.


  • MyriamC
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    Please note you won't be able to call or receive calls while you are abroad (outside US and Canada) but you can use data or SMS.

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    Good catch @Myriam C. 53007 !

    @Dapfizzer please pay close attention to what at @Manila said. I know it's tempting to be the first to post to increase the likelihood of an accepted answer but the advise must actually be correct. In general the steps you outlined are correct under normal circumstances but they don't help in this case. She is currently abroad and needs the phone number for verification. There is a high chance that she won't be able to receive calls and text messages while abroad, which makes this a pointless exercise.

    @Manila I suggest you sign up for TextNow and pay to lock your phone number (its around 8 $ for a year). They give you a Canadian number that you can use for verification.

    Hope this helps

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