Charge before installation ?


I was charged the first month when contracting my memebership but the installation is not until 10 days later, how come is that?

i need the first month to start when the installation actually happens

thanks for your help

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    Your home internet plan: This amount is paid when you subscribe but the plan period will start only after your installation.

    The activation of your plan, and as such the start of your payment cycle, will start the moment the technician delivers you your Fizz Wi-Fi modem. You’ll therefore be able to use your Home Internet service as soon as you’re done with your installation if you opted for Self-installation, or as soon as the technician is done in the case of a VIP installation.

    Your first monthly payment will be charged to your credit card when you subscribe. Your payment cycle, however, will start with the delivery of your Fizz Wi-Fi modem. This means the amounts of your next monthly payments will be automatically charged to your credit card each month, 24 hours before the date on which you received your Fizz Wi-Fi modem.


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    Hi Marie,

    the first payment is always debited at the time of subscription but the second one will be debited one month after the date of the installation. So let’s say the installation is complete and functional on November 7, your second payment will be on December 7.

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    All the informations to know about the payment cycles are there:

    Have a good day Marie! : )

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