No more data :( Help a girl out!

Hi everyone! I used up all my data and I have 17 days left of my plan (yikes!), I was hoping one of you kind souls may gift me some data if you have some to spare! I'm still new to Fizz and looked at some other posts to see what information I have to share to be gifted data, so I think it's the referral code that allows you to see my account? If it is in fact that, my code is: XKDF5. BUT if this is not the right code could someone please tell me what code I need to share? I checked a bunch of stuff but couldn't figure out this information exactly. Thank you in advance Fizz community! :)


  • vincentpelletier97
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    It is indeed a wrong code 😥. Here is what it says for me:

    Are you sure you have a membership?

    If so, here's how you'd get the code:

    1) On your fizz menu, go down left until you see "invite friend"

    2) Then, you should see the following page appear:

    3) Click "Reveal my referral code!

    As I'm pretty sure you did it right in the first place, you should test it again to see if the referral code has changed 😄.

    I have some data left!

  • I also have extra data to gift !

  • ligres
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    @vincentpelletier97 thank you for the explanation! I double checked though and my referral code is XKDF5, the same as posted before :( I definitely have a data plan. Could it be because I am currently in the US? I am returning to Canada tomorrow so I will be back on Fizz while in the states I have to use a different provider. I don't know why that would have said that I don't have a data plan though. Ugh very confused! Could you possibly try again sending it and let me know if does the same thing? I really appreciate it!

  • ligres
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    @Sensei007 Thank you so much!! Are you having the same issue where it says my account is not associated with a data plan? I would be very grateful if you could let me know because I would very much like to resolve this problem! Thank you in advance :)

  • Sensei007
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    Hi Ligres, sorry I just saw your message. I just gifted you some data, hope it helps or that you can roll it over to your next month :) @ligres

  • RyHi
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    Seems like Sensei got it to work. Please try again.

    Thank you FIZZ community!

  • Sent you 0.5gb

  • Good luck!