What is the best way to get Reward Points?

It seems quite hard to level up?

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    So far this is the list since the revisions done by Fizz:

    Participate in the community, you will receive:

    ·       3 points: for replying to a question

    ·       5 points: Reply to a question that was published less than 5 minutes ago (not sure this is still the case)

    ·       50 points: for getting the first Best answer

    ·       50 points: for each month that you are active

    You will also receive points for earning various badges.

    On your Fizz account, you will receive:

    ·       10 points for each $ paid on your monthly plan.

    ·       close to 3 points for each $ spent at the Fizz mobile shop

    ·       3 points every time you gift data from your mobile plan

    ·       200 points for each confirmed referral 

    We can update this list as time goes by. The OLD list kindly compiled by Mike quite a while I go, is outdated and many are no longer point gaining activities.


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