Hotspotting speed in the Canada+USA plan

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Hi All, I will be going to the USA soon and will need to use my phone as a hotspot for work (I would change for Canada+USA coverage). Does anyone have experience with hotspotting in the USA? Is the speed throttled in any way? Just want to make sure it works reasonably well.

(It seems that when you buy a USA prepaid sim card, may companies limit the speed when hotspotting)


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    Hi Fpoet

    To my knowledge, your data speed will not vary because of hotspotting. If you encounter any issues, you can try manually choose another Fizz EXT.

    Be sure to limit data usage on your devices or you could end up consuming your data very quickly.

    Do also pay attention to Fizz's guide for using partner networks -

    "Access to partner networks is for occasional or temporary use only. If a member uses, minutes, text messages (SMS), photo and video messages (MMS) or data (KB) primarily on partner networks for three consecutive payment cycles, Fizz reserves the right to block or limit access to partner networks."