Would like a plan to get TXT/SMS while in Punta Cana

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I'm looking to possibly travel to Punta Cana and this is the first time I'll be outside the country with Fizz. Would like to still be able to receive SMS messages. The add-on plans are for data only, or pay as you go for both SMS and data.

So, if I just want SMS it seems I need to go with the pay-as you go plan, but this is extremely expensive for data. If I turn on airplane mode to make sure the phone doesn't do anything with the data, then my SMS won't work. Is there a way to still be able to receive SMS while turning off data (iPhone)? If that's not possible, is there a plan to have just SMS without data while roaming?




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    I am receiving SMS without my data on. This is MMS that is requiring mobile data

    I thin you can switch from MMS to SMS on Iphone. You could turn the data OFF without the airplane mode. For sure, the airplane mode won't allow you to receive SMS

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    Hi Anibal

    With Fizz, incoming SMS messages are always free to receive anywhere.

    Right now, the only Roaming option for SMS that Fizz offers is the Pay As You Go one which can be found under My plans->Manage plan->Travel->Dominican Republic-> Scroll down-> Pay As You Go.

    You will be able to add funds to your Fizz Wallet and spend 0.10$ per outgoing text via this option.

    If you want data, you can buy one of the available Travel Data add-ons:

    • 250 MB for $3
    • 500 MB for $4
    • 1 GB for $5

    Details can be found here: