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I managed to set up my modem and connect my devices to my WIFI network. In fact, it was too easy... the network did not ask me for a password, and I see that my network is opened and not private (no padlock symbol next to my wifi). Yet, I did change the name of the network and set up a password when I connected my modem.

Any idea how I can make my network private so that other devices need my password to connect?

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    Did you download the wifi fizz app ? You will be able to do that with that app ?

    To manage your Fizz Wi-Fi network.
    1. If you want to change your Home Internet plan, you must do so via your Fizz account. The Fizz Wi-Fi app is only to manage your Wi-Fi network if you’re a Fizz Internet member. 
    3. The Fizz Wi-Fi app gives you direct access to the important details of your network. It also offers you great features: 
    • Change the name and password: change how your Wi-Fi network is named, and its password. 
    • Manage connected devices: see all devices connected to your network. Then, you can block or pause access to each one. 
    • Schedules: schedule automatic Wi-Fi shutdowns per device. 
    • Speed tests: validate easily the speed of your connection and the speed that goes directly into your device. If it slows down, you’ll even be able to determine the cause. 
    • Guest network: no need to share your password anymore. Just create a network (with its own password) for guests. Once they’re gone, you simply block that network. 
    1. Download the Fizz Wi-Fi app for free on the Canadian version of Google Play and App Store.  
    2. Once installed on your phone, you’ll need your Wi-Fi password (the one you used when you installed your Fizz Wi-Fi modem and configured your network).  
    3. We gathered several FAQs to answer your questions about your Wi-Fi network and modem. Have a look right here: https://fizz.ca/en/solutions/wifimodem 
    For those who use IP Relay serv

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