How can I get 5 points?

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I am so close to level 3, I just need 5 measly points! I've been looking around to try and figure out how I can get small amounts of points, but I don't see how. Are there some little tasks I can do to get me over the hump?


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  • snickt
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    I just discovered that by replying to people's messages here, I get a couple points! I tried my best to answer some questions and be helpful!


  • snickt
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    Not sure how to delete a post, so I'm just editing it to say <deleted>

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    Congratulations on level 3!

    That's right, you get 3 points for each helpful reply.

    By the way, you can't edit or delete a post after 15 minutes.

  • redhead
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    I just answered a question and got 3 points!

  • TrainFood
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    you have to reply good comments like me hehe

  • I was wondering too! Thanks for the post 🥲

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