New phone - Fizz not recognizing it, still showing older phone that I used.

I bought a new iPhone (not through Fizz, through Apple) and for whatever reason, even though the SIM works fine, I have no problems accessing data, calls or anything like that - but, if I log in it still shows my old phone.

It’s been like this since the new phone arrived in late September. It’s not a huge deal, but it seems like it’s also impacting the visual voicemail, as that’s not working.

Is there some kind of way to force an update through the SIM so it recognizes the new phone? Or is this a Fizz issue that it isn’t picking it up?


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    f you already have an active Fizz mobile plan

    If your new phone is replacing one with an active Fizz mobile plan, follow these steps:

    1. Pop out the phone tray of your old phone, and retrieve your Fizz SIM card.
    2. Place it into the tray of your new phone.* 
    3. Restart your phone.
    4. Your phone will authenticate to the Fizz mobile network, and work with your existing mobile plan. 

    Remember, the content from your old phone will not be imported with the SIM card swap. This includes your contacts, your Google or Apple ID account, old text messages, and the various apps you downloaded over time. 

    Your Fizz SIM card is too small for your new phone? Use the support it came in to adjust its size to a larger one. If you don’t have that plastic support anymore, you’ll have to order a new SIM card.


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    I did not buy my phone with Fizz and then my type of phone is not displayed in my account so your phone will be displayed there only if you bought it with Fizz

  • @Myriam C. 53007 - That’s incorrect, as my last phone was also purchased directly from Apple, and showed up as normal within Fizz.

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    @shawn20 : where can you see your phone in your account ?

  • @Myriam C. 53007 - click on the bubble with your name / initials, then the phones header and you’ll see a spot for ‘my phone’

    I’m guessing this is a Fizz issue, as it also shows the incorrect storage and seems to default to 256gb.

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    I do not see any phone under My phones, only a proposal from Fizz to buy a new phone

  • Could it be that the SIM hasn’t updated its settings? Maybe try updating to latest software