Adding VM to Legacy plan?

Hi All,

I am a very old customer of fizz from it's earliest days. I am very interested in VM. I was surprised to find out that current plans are only slightly more expensive than what I was paying.


1- Is there a way to add VM without changing plan?

2- As a legacy customer, I believe our prices are fixed, what about if I change my plan now? Do the prices remain fixed at the current prices?



  • belo
    belo Posts: 12

    Omg same, I am trying to add the VVM to my old plan, I have been with Fizz for 2 years now and don't really want to change my plan because if we change it now everything will cost more. Unfortunately, I don't think the prices are fixed.

  • telmorrr
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    by vm do you mean voice mail?

  • Yes VM = visual voicemail