Monthly payment to unblock doesn’t go trough…

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Hi! I really need help please! I need my phone number to receive important calls and couldn’t use my credit card this month so I tried a PerfectGiftCard. I clicked to make the monthly payment and it said I would receive an email when it is activated. Normally when I pay my account when it is blocked it goes trough in the next 30 minutes but it didn’t so I tried putting my KOHO but now when I want to make the payment the button is gray… please help! Thank you in advance!


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  • Clive_ref_code_73TF9

    Hello, I suggest you check the balance and transactions on your card. If the payment to Fizz is there, contact Fizz Customer Service to ask if there a delay in re-activating your number. If the payment isn't there but your card has sufficient balance, try again...Fizz often requires users click on multiple boxes to process an order/payment, etc. and shows up as grey instead of green. Hope these suggestions are of help.