Can I change my Internet speed if a higher speed is the same price as my current speed?

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Hello! I noticed the 60mbs is currently 45$. I have 30mbs and I’m paying 45$.

If i manage it on my own and upgrade to the 60mbs, will the price stay at 45$ for me from here on out? Or will it change back to 50$ if Fizz decides to change the price back?

Thank you for your help! Still a fairly new user.

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  • Dapfizzer
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    if you select this plan at the price currently listed on the site, it will be this price that you'll have to pay even if Fizz adjusted the prices later, for new members.

    So it's up to you! : )

  • firemanstew
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    Hi Lizard,

    The fun thing with Fizz is that the price you commit to remains in effect until you change your plan. So if you sign up for 60MB at 45$ it will remain that way until you change it. Hope this helps.


  • MyriamC
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    Go ahead and change your plan before they increase it. You will keep this price until you decide to change the plan.

  • telmorrr
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    you will keep the price forever