Points accumulation appears to stop as long as referral bonuses exist.

The points that determine your level increase over time. It appears that this is almost entirely due to billable amounts that increase the total by 10 pts per dollar spent. Everything else appears to be negligible with the possible exception of attracting a new client. The balance seems to jump when you get a confirmation that the invite was excepted.

Is there any up-to-date chart of the most productive ways to gain points (outside of trying to game the system). Also, does anyone know how much a new referral is worth (in points)?

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    Unfortunately, there is no official point chart. However, you can find plenty of reference here in the forum.

    As for accumulating points: The fastest way is actually to buy stuff and via their billing.

    It used to be the forum but since Fizz changed the award structure, it has been increasingly difficult to gain points here quickly.


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    Earning Points
    1. Let’s get you started:
    2. Create your Community Hub account. Make sure to use the same email address as your Fizz account.  
    3. Help and contribute to the community by replying and posting helpful information that can benefit other Fizz members. > Learn how to post on the Community Hub
    4. You’ll earn points for each action you complete. Think of these as notoriety points. 
    5. Based on your contribution in the community, you may also receive Geek badges. The allocation of our Geek badges is based on a secret algorithm, devised to prevent people from gaming the community. But ultimately, the following will increase your chances:
      1. The frequency of your activity on the Community Hub.
      2. Any reply you post to help others who need assistance or direction.
      3. Posting helpful contributions.

    Your participation in the Community Hub will also give a hand to your My Rewards progression.  

    1. You must be a Fizz member with an active monthly plan to participate in the My Rewards program. The email address you use in the Community Hub must match the one in your Fizz account. Subscribe to Fizz >
    2. The actions you complete on the Community Hub do not all contribute to your My Rewards program. Refer to the table below.
    3. Please note that to ensure fairness and quality of interaction on the Community Hub, daily limits have been set for each action that can contribute to your My Rewards progression. 
    5. Community Hub actions that contribute to your My Rewards progression.ReplyActive monthly bonus Earn “Accepted Solution”Receive a Geek badgeReply to a new post under 5 min
    Do I earn any rewards when I participate in the Fizz Community Hub?
    1. Participating in the Community Hub earns you points and badges, which in turn can contribute to your My Rewards progression in your Fizz account. You cannot earn rewards solely through the Community Hub. Learn about My Rewards
    1. The email used and associated with your Fizz account must not be changed once you start participating in the Fizz Community Hub or you will lose your ranking and the points you received to date. 

     The My Rewards program allows you to earn rewards for every dollar you spend with us. You also move along in the program when you participate in the Community Hub, gift your mobile data to another Fizz member, refer a friend, etc. In fact, the longer you stay with Fizz, the more you’ll be dazzled with the rewards we have in store for you throughout your Fizz journey :)

    1. How do I subscribe?
    2. You are automatically subscribed to My Rewards the minute you create an account on fizz.ca.
    3. Don’t have an active plan yet? No worries. You can still start earning points in the program by participating in the Community Hub for example. You’ll need an active Fizz plan, however, to use any reward you receive.
    4. How does My Rewards work?
    5. Throughout your Fizz journey, you collect points for actions you complete: answer a question in the Community Hub, refer friends, add funds to your wallet… you get the point (no pun intended). Accumulating points allows you to progress from level to level.
    7. Your points are yours, and yours alone. You cannot gift your points to another Fizz member. It’s also important to know that your points cannot be redeemed for cash. 
    8. If a member is not the one paying for his own plan, such as it may be the case for a young member whose parents pay for them, this member won’t receive the points related to the dollars spent.
    9. The levels
    10. Throughout your Fizz journey, you collect points for your dollars spent, and for a whole bunch of actions you complete such as posting on the Community Hub. Accumulating points allows you to progress from level to level.
    12. Your level indicates your status in the My Rewards program. Each level offers you upgrades or perks as rewards.
    13. The minute you subscribe on fizz.ca, you’re at level 1 and receive from the get go:
    • Two upgrades (250 MB of mobile data per month for your mobile plan, and a $1 rebate on the monthly price of your Home Internet plan).
    1. AND
    • perk (500 MB of mobile data).
    2. That’s quite the welcome gift, no?
    3. The badges
    4. Badges celebrate the milestones you reach as you make your way through your Fizz journey, and show off your status in the Community Hub. You could earn one, for example, after referring your first Fizz member, or when you celebrate your first year as a member. Badges don’t have any value per se, but do come with a little extra, like bonus points so you progress faster in the My Rewards program.
    5. Can I gift my badges to another Fizz member?
    6. Your badges are yours, and yours alone since they celebrate your key moments at Fizz. You can't gift your badges to another Fizz member.
    7. My progress and my notifications
    8. The summary of the latest rewards you received as part of the My Rewards program is displayed on your Overview page in your Fizz account.
    9. To view the details and manage your rewards:
    10. Log into your account, and go to Overview.
    11. In the left column, click on the summary that shows your My Rewards level. You can also scroll down below your usage summary to My Rewards and click on See details.
    12.  You could receive communications or notifications in your account informing you of your progress in the program, and the latest rewards that are available to you.
    13. Click here to learn how to manage your settings and communication preferences.
    15. What happens when I unsubscribe?
    16. Before unsubscribing, see if you can make another member happy: check whether any of the perks you received with My Rewards is giftable. Because once you are unsubscribed from Fizz, and no longer have an active plan with us, you lose your My Rewards status, which implies points, upgrades and perks as well.
    18. Learn more on the program, and the rewards offered.
    Read more :

    What do I receive with the My Rewards program?

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    2. How to enable and disable Community private messages?
    3. How do I activate my Community Hub account?
    4. How do I log into my Community Hub account?
    5. I forgot my password. How do I reset it?
    6. How does the Fizz Community Hub work?
    7. What’s my role in the Fizz Community Hub?
    8. How does the search functionality work in the Community Hub?
    9. What are “Kudos”

  • I actually dont gain any points from billing ever

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