Looking for a kind soul...

Hey guys!!

I'm looking for a kind soul who could gift me some data... I'm almost out and I need it for work since my office's wifi is not working properly. :(

Is there anyone who could spare some? It would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Vincent B. 13921
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    I won't mind gifting 1 Go if you can like my comments and make one the best answer after, as I am only at 120 pts to unlock an extra data slot upgrade.

    Don't forget to share your referal code!


  • This advice won't help now but may in future:

    Consider increasing your data plan to a much larger number for a month (for example 9GB) and then immediately decrease to a lower number (for example 1GB). You'll have 12GB over three months, 4GB per month, but will have it all available immediately and be able to adjust your plan if you really need more sooner than expected.

    It's also a little cheaper:

    $37+$30+30 = $97 (12GB for $97)

    $33+$33+$33 = $99 (9GB for $99)

    You could also try to micromanaging with 0GB for a total of:

    $37+$24+$24 = $85 (9GB for $85)

  • I usually have enough data with my current plan, which is why I never felt the need to upgrade my plan. If it wasn't for the wifi problems at the office, I would probably still be fine and since the situation is suppose to be resolved soon, I am reluctant to change my plan...

  • Vincent B. 13921
    Vincent B. 13921 Posts: 55
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    There is a very important risk that needs to be considered when changing the data plan.

    1 - You might not get the same price next month.

    This is especially true for people who had the same plan for a long time with fizz.

    How much you need Sara G.?

  • Sara G. #26059
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    500MB should suffice. 1GB would be perfect.

    I realized I should probably write that with my message (referral code)😅 : 9B8J5

  • Here you Go :) Enjoy!

  • Still need some?

  • Tadpole
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    I just got to level 4... I'm trying to unlock another slot but it's sooooooo far away....