We now have Visual voicemail 😱

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For those who aren’t familiar with Visual voicemail, let’s just say it’s a whole new ball game. Among its amazing features, a special mention goes out to listening and managing your messages without having to “call” your voicemail. Love. Love. Love.  


And not only that, Visual voicemail is now our basic voicemail. Yup, for $2/month, you get the whole enchilada. Just make sure you also have data in your plan.  


Once your plan is set, you just need to set up your phone.  

  • Android members > Download the Fizz | Visual voicemail app on Google Play. 
  • Apple members > You need iOS 15 or a later version, with a iPhone 6S or more recent.  
    1. Any issues, and you've verified you're using iOS 15 or later please turn your device on/off
    2. If you power-cycled your device and are still having the same issue, please send the following text: "STATE to 44744" this should do the trick.

 Need more details? Check out our FAQ.   

Let us know what you think! 

The Fizz team 



  • Regular voicemail does not work anymore since this morning.. When I enter the pin, the line drops..

  • Whizz
    Whizz Posts: 15,667

    Hi @Alexane R. Which device are you using?

  • Absolutely love this feature, before this i was ignoring every single one of my VM because it’s a hassle to check them.

    LOVE IT, Keep doing what you do :-)

  • Does not work for me : Iphone 11 iOS 15.0.2

    Error com.apple.mobile-phone erreur 1035

  • The instructions are not clear! I do not see anywhere on my phone settings something called Visual Voicemail and I have iPhone 13Pro with iOS 15.2. The instructions led me to change my plan but I don’t want to…

  • GyslainH
    GyslainH Posts: 317

    How long before its fully deployed?

    iPhone 8 with IOS 15.0.2 here rebooted 3 times and still have regular voicemail

  • Not working on iPhone 13. iOS 15.0.2 after multiple restarts.

  • Not yet working on Iphone SE2 Ios 15.0.2 I'm still getting the old voicemail prompts

  • My old voicemails were deleted! They were really important to me, and now they’re gone. No warning. A little heads-up would have been greatly appreciated, I would’ve found a way to keep them, but now I can’t

  • StefanM
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    Well done Fizz! Kudos to you for always improving :)

  • Visual Voicemail wasn’t working for me on iOS. Confirmed that texting STATE to 44744 resolved the problem.

  • Bravo Fizz! This is a great step forward.

  • Seems to be resolved with the STATE text to 44744. Thank you.

  • Only works for ios 15? Won't work for 13/14?

  • Will visual voicemail messages be accessible outside Fizz calling area? Will they download over Wifi or other data plan?

  • GyslainH
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    Visual Voicemail will use whatever data type your on

    If your on wifi it will use wifi if not it will use data

  • Sweet… transcription too… finally… Voicemail always felt so 1993…

    (Original Gen iPhone SE…Had to do the text STATE to 77477 thing…)

  • SLY
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    Not working for me on Android 12. At activation when sending a Text to 44744 nothing is happening nor when sending STATE at the number. I have a '' Messages synchronization error'' when trying to refresh the screen.


  • redhead
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    Whizz's tip of texting "STATE" to "44744" did the trick for my wife and I, both on iOS 15 on iPhone XR and iPhone 11. We had already updated iOS to latest version, checked carrier settings (Fizz 47.0), and rebooted our phones. Thanks Whizz!

  • redhead
    redhead Brossard, QuébecPosts: 794
  • Whizz
    Whizz Posts: 15,667

    Hello SLY, 

    Thank you for letting us know. 
    Can you please contact us in private so that we can help you further with this situation?

    Looking into your account, I noticed you have multiple plans, therefore, the need to contact us. You can find our contact methods by checking any FAQ, such as https://fizz.ca/en/faq/how-can-I-access-and-use-my-voicemail ,

    andclick on the Question mark that's on the right-hand side of thewebsite.

    Have a nice day.


  • Whizz
    Whizz Posts: 15,667

    For Android devices all you need to do is download the Fizz VM app and follow the on screen prompts. There is no need to Text to 44744 for Android devices.


  • redhead
    redhead Brossard, QuébecPosts: 794

    Whizzy, may I suggest that the FAQ include the text to STATE trick since many Reddit users said that is what made the visual voicemail work?

  • Whizz
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    edited October 2021

    @Julien C. 19625 great question - the reason why, is that with Android only certain devices have this ability - not all. So if we would have used the native Visual voicemail for Android, not everyone would benefit from it. Having the App makes VVM available to all Android users no matter the device they carry.



  • Hey @SLY Do you have a ad blocker or a custom DNS setting? Turn that off and that should fix your issue.

  • woohoo something I didnt know i didn't want 😀

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