We now have Visual voicemail 😱

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For those who aren’t familiar with Visual voicemail, let’s just say it’s a whole new ball game. Among its amazing features, a special mention goes out to listening and managing your messages without having to “call” your voicemail. Love. Love. Love.  


And not only that, Visual voicemail is now our basic voicemail. Yup, for $2/month, you get the whole enchilada. Just make sure you also have data in your plan.  


Once your plan is set, you just need to set up your phone.  

  • Android members > Download the Fizz | Visual voicemail app on Google Play. 
  • Apple members > You need iOS 15 or a later version, with a iPhone 6S or more recent.  
    1. Any issues, and you've verified you're using iOS 15 or later please turn your device on/off
    2. If you power-cycled your device and are still having the same issue, please send the following text: "STATE to 44744" this should do the trick.

 Need more details? Check out our FAQ.   

Let us know what you think! 

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