Unable to gift 2GB mobile data perk. Trying to help a friend (referral code 22K5S)

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I have an Internet plan that received a 2GB mobile data perk. When I tried to gift it to a friend who needed mobile data, it blocked at the last step and said that I needed a Fizz Plan (note: not mobile plan). I have a 'Fizz Plan' but was told that both sender and recipient needed a mobile plan.

My request to see where this is written is still outstanding a week later. Long after that 2GB perk is useless.

If anyone can gift a perk to the friend I was trying to help (referral code 22K5S) I and they would be very thankful. You can't gift data, but you can gift a perk if you have a mobile plan. :/

I've checked with several friends on Fizz who have Internet plans and/or Mobile plans. The 2GB mobile data perk was only given to those with *Internet* plans! Why give perks to people who can neither use them nor give them away? Not a great way to make your customers feel good. :(


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    So that people would buy a mobile plan ?

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    That's the common assumption, but if most people are like me and don't try to gift the perk until it's about to expire—because I don't need it myself and my friend needed the extra data—then it's too late to do anything about it.

    And I already have a mobile plan (in a separate account) and when I asked whether I could merge/transfer the phone plan to the same account, the answer I got was 'no'. That's not what others have suggested before, but it's what the agent said this time.

    In any case, the message says 'Fizz Plan' which I have. And they have not (yet) pointed to where this is stated in any terms of service. Rules are fine. Seemingly arbitrary undocumented rules are not.

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    Perk is useless if you do not have an active phone plan I guess

  • Jacques_Assert
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    I can gift perks only from account that have phone data (so far).

    It's frustrating.

    And the question I submitted to customer service on the issue has been open for 10 days.

    Too much 'I guess' going around. Too little 'here is where it's written.'

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    I have a mobile plan. Now what?

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    I have a mobile plan and just try gifting to your friend but it says he can't receive it cause he doesn't have a mobile plan...🤷‍♂️

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    This question needs to be closed.

    It's not answered, but the perk expired last year.

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