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Hi, I’m moving from a bell corporate plan to fizz. I have an Ottawa number, but when I activated my SIM it wouldn’t let me transfer it. Speaking to bell I had to “cancel” my port request so I picked a random number. Now that Bell has released their corporate hold on it, how do I transfer my old number and replace the random one I just picked during activation?

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    It is possible to transfer your phone number to your new Fizz plan, but first and foremost DO NOT CANCEL YOUR CURRENT CONTRACT. Only active numbers are eligible for transfer to a new provider.

    6. Your line is inactive

    To transfer your number from another mobile provider, you must keep your previous plan active until the transfer is completed. If you have already cancelled your plan, we will not be able to transfer your number. In this case, choose a new number.

    Important to know

    • Only mobile numbers coming from the province of Quebec or the Ottawa region can be transferred.
    • Only numbers from the Fizz subscription area can be transferred to Fizz. If your number starts with an area code outside the subscription area, your number cannot be transferred.
    • It is not possible to transfer an administrative phone number — for example, a number associated with an organization or public institution.
    • It is currently impossible for us to transfer phone numbers that are associated with landlines and VOIP.
    • Failure to answer the transfer authorization request sent by text by your current provider by the set deadline means that your request to transfer your number over to Fizz will be cancelled. If you haven't received the transfer authorization request by text, you'll need to contact your current provider directly. 
    • Your current provider could prevent your number from being transferred. It’ll be impossible to transfer a number that has anti-port protection — a security feature that prevents numbers from being transferred. Your current provider could also block the transfer of your number if you don’t pay your last bill with them.  


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