Please help!! i cracked the glass on my S10 phone!

So the bottom part of the glass of my S10 Samsung phone is cracked. this is a problem as i can no longer use my fingerprints. Pretty frustrating as i don't remember all my passwords.

What are my options? my phone is 2 years old and working fine, including battery. Should i pay the $300 to get it fixed? I see the preloved phones on fizz but they are all unavailable.

I am not sure what to do! please help!!

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    Hey guys here is an update: after evaluating the $335 for the repair was not worth it as i couls spend $350+tax and get the same refurbished S10 from bestbuy. I tried the preloved phone from fizz but they were all unavailable.

    The issue with the cracked glass was only because i had trouble with fingerprints so i deleted the fingerprints and re-did them, and now they work. since everything works and the cracks are barely visible except for the edge which is a bit exposed to any dust or water, i just upgraded the cover to something with a shock proof and covers the edges and has a glass in front (kinda like an otter-box). I hate the cover but the phone works perfectly and is protected. this allows me to hang on until the new S22 gets released thereby dropping prices for the S21 etc..

    thanks all!!


  • I would check with a phone repair shop and see how much it would be, and consider ordering the glass yourself. Might save you some money.

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    Its really your choice and much you want to spend new vs used vs repair or like mentioned diy if your able

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