Possible UI changes to the forum for ease of access + How is your day going?

Gowthrin Posts: 11 ✭✭

The whole forum so far I've been exploring and sometimes the UI is against me haha, sometimes they show the "unanswered question" tabs, sometimes there's not. It would prove useful to have a tab specifically for those questions as many fizz users to answer them.

Off of that, how is your day going? Tell me a joke, rant about your day, im curious!


  • StefanM
    StefanM Posts: 1,453 ✭✭

    Good for pointing this out! I am sure Fizz will take note :D

    happens to me from time to time too. Sometimes the website is a bit buggy

  • Saamenerve
    Saamenerve Posts: 81 ✭✭

    Totally relatable

  • Doomdrou
    Doomdrou Posts: 725 ✭✭

    Did not find myself in the same “mess”. I think the UI is pretty simple and easy of use. However, I am using the mobile version on my smartphone. I don’t know about the desktop version…