Do the upload speed of 10 mbps can be improved?

I re-asked my question since the other conversation was closed in a few hours yesterday. Can I get 20mps upload without the 120mbs download? Looking for a 30 or 60mps download with 20mbs upload, is that possible?

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    As far as I know, on all cable type plans, anything up to 60Mbps down, only offer a max of 10Mbps up.

    Once you hit the 100Mbps plans, the most I have seen is 30Mbps UP (which is what I had before I switched to Fizz). But the prices are higher than Fizz overall.

    To go above the 30Mbps upload speed, you need to either go to the 400Mbps package with Videotron or other 3rd party, and that would offer 400/50 profile. But cost is a lot higher.

    Other option like someone said is looking at what Bell has to offer depending on your region. In my case, they say max 50Mbps, but only 50/10, and that I'm not sure they could attain, with the quality of the infrastructure in my area. If FTTH is available to you, then that opens a whole new opportunity (but it is not cheap). Unless it is FTTH, I would never consider Bell again. Way too many issues, and could rarely hit advertised speeds.

    You mentioned "All other suppliers seems to offer it.", can you provide one that offers more than 10Mbps UP on anything 60Mbps down or lower) ? I checked 4 of the most common 3rd parties (ebox, teksavvy, altima and oxio) and only way to get more that 10Mbps up on any of them, is to jump to 100Mbps plan or more. Altima was the most generous with 100/30 @ $65/m for first year ($70/m) after that [but offer discount if you prepay for a year]. If you prepay for a year, would be about same price as Fizz 120/20 plan. But after first year, it would go up.

    Anyhow, only you can decide how much $$ is worth the extra Mbps upload speeds.

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    No you can't, you need to take the 120/20 to have the 20 Mbps download


  • So want to know if it can be a add-on instead of changing the package all together.

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    @Charles L. #21853

    Hi Charles,

    for the moment you can't, Fizz does not offer any add-on for internet plan.

  • And do we know if they are looking into it with the change in trends of internet usage? Because that is something that would make me switch to another company.

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    @Charles L. #21853

    Fizz try to adapt constantly, as well as the plans that are offered to customers. If a proposed plan, or option in a plan comes back often, there is a good chance that it will be implemented in the future.

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    Why dom't you go with the 120/20 plan ?

  • because I need only 30bps upload, so happy to pay more for a higher upload speed, but I dont need x4 the speed I have in download. All other suppliers seems to offer it.

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    Which supplier offer 30/20 or 60/20 cheaper than Fizz's 120/20 ?

    Bell offers 50/40 but it's 85$/month (60$ for the first few months), not cheaper than Fizz's 120/20 (60$/month).

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  • Only look at the total price of the package that gives you the upload speed you want.

    I know Bell clients who are getting a symmetrical 1Gbps fibre connection (940Mbps) for $80/month.

    Would I complain that I don't need 940Mbps download but just the upload. Hell no.

    Take the cheapest package that meets or exceeds your requirements and stop worrying about the features that are NOT your requirements.

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