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I see that you guys sell iphone! I want to know if I can pay for months or I have to pay all the amount in 1 payment?

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    As Dapfizzer has mentioned above, your phone purchase and your mobile plan are 2 separate things. And in no way does one affect the other. Only exception is if there is some sort of subsidy by Fizz. And in those cases, you will see the following comment on the phone page:

    This limited-time offer consists of applying the promotional rebate indicated on the suggested retail price of the phone in question. The rebate is conditional on (i) maintaining for an uninterrupted period of 24 months a Fizz mobile plan that is already active at the time of the phone’s purchase or (ii) activating a Fizz mobile plan within 7 days of receiving the phone in question (for members who do not already have an active Fizz mobile plan) and maintaining it for 24 months. If either condition is not met, you will be required to refund the prorated portion of the promotional rebate corresponding to the number of months remaining in the initial 24-month term.

    That is typically for the phones that you see the price scratched off, and new price next to it. Example as in the Iphone XR below, the price is discounted by $120. But it is calculated as a $5/m rebate over 24 months. So if you cancel your mobile plan before 24 months (after you buy phone), you will owe Fizz the balance of the disacount amount, depending on the number of months left. So to make numbers easy, if you cancel after 14 months, you would have 10 months left x$5/m for a total of $50 that you would owe to FIZZ.

    However keep in mind that not all models/variations are always in stock. Stock can vary from day to day, or even more frequent than that.

    For the iphone 13 pro max that you are interested, at the moment, there are only 2 version listed as being in stock.

    Gold/256GB and Sierra Blue/128GB

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    You certainly can through paybright, fizz’s partner on financing. However, I have to warn you that the customer service has been lacking- they had huge influx of orders due to their partnership with Apple and its has overwhelmed them, so if there’s any problem or issue, you most likely won’t get a reply or resolution until one month later

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