why are some discussions "closed" by FIZZ?

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Hi! My understanding is that the person who asks a question can choose to end the discussion, but under what circumstances does FIZZ force discussions to end? (ie: "This discussion has been closed")

I suppose it all depends on "raison d'etre" of the forum.

Would it be a safe assumption to say that comments that put FIZZ in a positive light are welcomed, whereas other posts might be prematurely closed?

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    I don't think it has anything to do with answers being in a positive light or not since you do get a lot of not so positive replies in the "break room/5a7" area of the forum. And those are rarely closed.

    You may understand the way the forum works and openning and closing threads, and accepting a "best answer", but many people don't.

    This leaves 1000s of questions open, and sometimes you get years+ old threads being resurrected since someone doesn't know how to open a new question so they just reply to an old question, and then everything goes off on a tangent.

    Also, there are many users that ask a question, get an answer and solve thier problem, and never come back to follow up.

    So Whizz takes the initiative and if a question seems to have been adequately answered by a user, they will award the user the "best answer", and close the thread. IF there is more clarifications needed, they will provide the answer and then close the thread. In many cases they will also check on the back end and see if there is another active thread with the original poster and customer service team, and if so, it will be identified, comment added and then closed.

    So in reality, it remains up to Whizz to decide what questions can/should be closed, using thier judgement. Not saying some threads are not accidently closed, when in reality they still need follow up, but as "users" primarily on this forum, we can only help on "procedural" type replies (how to do something or minor troubleshooting). Anything that would involve anything technical (needing field tech), financial, etc.. we have no power/access over, so just redirecting to how to contact a customer service agent is all we can do.

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    Yes, as Dapfizzer has mentioned you are correct in your assumption.


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    Good questions. 😉

    On a side note, why did Fizz remove the "love" button? Currently you can "Agree" or "Like", but not both. And ... what's the difference between the two ("Agree" or "Like") anyways?

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    @Emporium: thank you for the detailed reply.

    On a related note, am I correct to assume that the "Whizz" profile is used by many Fizz employees?

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    Hi Simon,

    that’s actually the case, they all use the same avatar...

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    Probably because a question was answered, and further responses may lead to confusion