I want to trigger "make a payment"

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I have update my payment information and want to make a payment now for my bill, but there is no option for that.


  • MyriamC
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    Once your payment method has been updated in your Fizz account, you must associate it to each plan you want to pay with that card. That is not done automatically. To associate your payment method to each of your plans:

    1. Log into your Fizz account.

    2. Select the plan, and click on Manage/Payment method

    1. Make a payment now: Once your default payment method is all set and up-to-date for this plan, look for the Make my monthly payment button in your account. This will trigger a payment attempt, and your service will be reactivated once the payment is confirmed.

    to contact Fizz : To contact us, search your topic and use the chat bubble that appears on all of our FAQ page during our business hours.

  • StefanM
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    You cannot manually trigger a payment for your plan. I recommend that you try to load money into your wallet to see whether everything is alright with your new payment method. Also don’t forget to associate the new payment method with your plan :)