My phone suck-up 4 gig of data in about 30 min. How can i verify If I am the culprit

I was using my phone as a mobile access point (connected with a user pass) and browsing with my laptop, the speed of the connection is about 40Mb/s it is impossible to use that amount of data in that short time (look at different screenshots taken). Was I hacked or is it a problem with the phone and if I used all that data, what is it about (download or sent ?)

I need help to understand what happened


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    The amount of data your phone uses may vary depending on how you use it, which native installations are running on it, and which applications you have installed.

    Some applications, native or not, can use your mobile data in the background.

    For example, cloud-based apps such as Google Drive or Apple iCloud could be using your data to automatically backup your photos, videos, and documents.

    Some streaming music or video services can also download content in the background.

    Fizz provides you with handy tools to keep you informed about your mobile data usage:

    • A usage metre (visible when you first sign in to your account) tells you how fast you are consuming your minutes and your data, compared to the amount available in your plan.
    • Notifications at 75%, 90% and 100% of your usage.

    Note: You must log into your account and activate notifications at 75% and 90% usage. If you do not, you will only receive a notification when you are at 100% of your usage.

    You can also check your mobile data usage directly via your phone.

    The steps to follow to check your data usage can vary depending on the type of phone you have. Here are two examples:

    AndroidSettings → Connections → Data usage → Mobile data usage

    iPhoneSettings → Cellular → Cellular data usage

    Be careful of videos using lots of data and applications running in the background - you can limit usage in the background


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    Your laptop could have been downloading other things in the background while you were browsing. It is very possible to use that amount of data in a short time.

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    Thanks for your suggestions. I did find some culprits (google Play Store 1.25Go and Samsung Own crap) But nothing to explain that amount of data for 1 day. I did block automatic download data in the back ground for the hungry ones maybe it is the explanation for that day, will see.


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    At 40Mbps, 4GB can be used in about 15 minutes so it doesn't sound impossible to me at all. I never use my phone as an access point because whatever connects will just consider that wifi and not mobile so it might start a full OS update or backup huge amounts of days in no time at all.

  • For Google Play Store you can set it to only download over Wi-Fi.

    Top right click on the image for your profile, go to settings, network preferences, app download preferences and chose Wi-Fi.

    You can even disable auto updates in the same section.

    Once I had a game auto updating over LTE and burned almost 1Gb of data so yeah. Disable auto updates and if you want to be 100% sure, switch to download apps over Wi-Fi only.

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    Hello, if your laptop is running Windows, the size of the problem is exactly Windows upgrade in the background. If you have the Professional version, you can suspend Windows updates before using your mobile hotspot. With the family version you are out of luck :(