Canceling my fizz Internet Wi-Fi

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Hi there I’m willing to cancel my plane my Internet plan with fees because I’m moving out of Canada

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    If your mind is made up, here’s how to unsubscribe:
    1. Log into your account and go to Manage.
    2. Click on Unsubscribe.
    3. Scroll to the bottom and confirm by clicking Unsubscribe.
    4. Tell us why you are unsubscribing.
    5. Enter the date when you want Home Internet service to end.
    6. Click Unsubscribe.
    7. On the next screen, download, write down or print your return ID number and follow the instructions for returning your Wi-Fi modem.


    Important: You have 15 days following the date you unsubscribe to return your Wi-Fi modem, or else you will be charged the amount of $225 (plus applicable taxes). Detailed instructions will follow.

    How do I return my Wi-Fi modem?


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    Yes you should do it sooner before you leave to return the modem and also, you should get a refund for what you paid in advance.

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    Make sure you return your modem ASAP, check the status to avoid complications.

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    follow the steps that have been outlined above. As mentioned, make sure you do it sooner rather than later as you need to return the modem

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    When you return the modem, ensure to get a tracking number, and keep a record of it. Often modem return processing takes a while, so they might end up charging you the $225 or so, for the modem. But once they process it, they will credit you back. However having the tracking number is always helpful, in case something goes wrong.

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