How to transfer a number previously associated with a corporate account to Fizz?

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I had a phone number associated with the mobile phone provided by work. I retired and wanted to transfer the number to Fizz.

Since I couldn't find the information on this form, I'm adding it here to help others:

  1. To transfer directly to Fizz, you will need to provide contact information to your corporate plan administrator. They should be able to coordinate a time window in which the transfer can be permitted.
  2. However, in many cases a large corporation will not provide contact information for their plan administrator and thus will only support the transfer of your number to a private plan from their corporate provider (Rogers, Bell, etc...). In that case, you will need to create a default personal account with the provider, transfer the number to your personal account, then port your number to Fizz from that personal account. However, if the port does not work on the first attempt, you may need to ensure that number has been correctly transferred to your personal account. In particular, ensure that the "Port Blocking" setting on the number has been disabled when the number was transferred to your personal account. This setting is normal for corporate accounts, but must be removed on your personal account.

This is based on my experience over two days of trying to transfer my number, and numerous calls to Fizz and my old provider. Fizz had to make five attempts before I got it figured out. This was due to the sheer incompetence of the other provider.

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    Great info. Thanks for sharing.

    Enjoy your retirement, with plenty of health and happiness above all.

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