Why is the voicemail system asking to enter my PIN again?

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When my account was switched to the new voicemail system, I was not asked to enter my PIN. Until recently, the system is asking me to enter my PIN again. Why?

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    Hi Patli

    Fizz enabled the PIN to give you more control over your options and settings with your new Voice Mail. To disable your VM PIN, is at your discretion and it’s optional. To enable "Pin Skip" all you need to do is press on #4 then #1 in the VM menu.

    Access your voicemail

    • Enter your PIN
    • Press 4 to enter the personal options
    • Press 1 to enter the PIN settings
    • Press 1 to disable the PIN

    If you don't remember your VM password or want to change it, you can modify your access code (PIN) directly via your voicemail, or online from your Fizz account (Under: My Plans > Manage My Plan > Advanced Settings > PIN to Access Your Voicemail).

    IMPORTANT: Unsafe combinations such as 1234 or 8888 will be rejected.


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