Why I lost my data?

Hi fizz,

I bought a SIM card 3 days ago and most of time I was using WiFi on my phone. But suddenly my data has been finished!

I think there should be something wrong with that because it is impossible to use 3GB in 3 days!

I live in Montreal but my number shows Longueuil. Is it an issue for that or it is the reason that my data has been finish very quickly?

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    If you have not restricted programs on your phone from using background data, it is unfortunately VERY easy to go through 1GB/day.

    I don't know what phone you have, but at least with Android phones, you can go into Settings, Network, Mobile networks, and you have an option called "app data usage" which will allow you to see WHAT programs used how much mobile data.


  • MyriamC
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    Was your mobile data opened on your phone ? You can deactivate your mobile data when you do not use then.

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