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Today, internet was down for about 1 hour in my area (It is the third time in about 3 months... but that's another issue)

The service goes back up about 1 hour later. Then, the support team sent me the following message (2 hours later):

It seems that some maintenance was performed today on the network equipment and that influenced the service for a short period.

IMO, when a customer is impacted and you know it, the minimum you can do is to update the status page (otherwise there is no reason for a status page). Also, I hope this was not a planned maintenance, otherwise I would expect to be notified in advance the service may be down.

=> I understand you need to do some maintenance operations. However, you should clearly improve the way you communicate!

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    Fizz is using the Videotron's network so Fizz's users are affected at the same time than Videotron's user. Check the Videotron Facebook to see if they are reporting issues


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    Hi Gérald

    Thank you for relaying your experience.

    I hope your experience will improve moving forward.

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