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I entered one at registration of account ordering SIM - account has nothing showing or anything that has given me confirmation that the code was applied - I did enter it and looked like it took it but thats were it ends - how can I confirm ?


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    Hi Brbo

    The referral code is optional when ordering your SIM card.

    It's important to enter the code when you activate your first plan.

    Remember to

    1. Enter the referral code on the Order Summary page where you see the total price including the taxes.
    2. You must also press on the green button to validate the referral code.

    It's the only time and place where you can do this. If you miss the opportunity while activating your plan, it's too late!


  • StefanM
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    It doesn’t do anything when you order the simcard. The only thing that happens is that the referral code is saved so when you activate your first plan the box with the referral code is automatically filled out (that was the case when I signed up). However, it‘s good to double check. Don’t worry, it‘s only important that you enter the code in the sign-up process (i.e., when you activate the plan ). Hope this helps :)

  • VinceL
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    Tu dois aller dans les paramètres puis primes de référence. Ce sera en attente pendant 2 mois

  • MyriamC
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    Entering a referral code: when and where.
    1. A referral code must be entered when the person is activating their plan.

    If a person forgets to enter the referral code when subscribing, they’re unfortunately out of luck. We cannot retroactively apply a referral code. 

    • Any one person can only be referred once, when they subscribe to their first Fizz service. For example, if a person subscribes to the Fizz mobile service without using a referral code, she won’t be able to use one when she adds another mobile plan or subscribes to the Home internet service (the reference code field will have disappeared).  

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