I wish Fizz had been upfront about not supporting wifi calling...

I live in a rural area. I don't have a landline and use wifi calling at home. I I just found out that Fizz does not support wifi calling. I believe that this is an essential feature in 2021. I know that I could use an app like Messenger or What's App, but that only works to call friends or contacts. How am I supposed to call a restaurant, my credit card company or even my grand-mother who is not on Facebook or any other messaging app? Google Voice is not supported in Canada.

Oh and I only have 2 days left in my trial period. I really wish that Fizz had been more transparent about not supporting wifi calling, as it is essential for me. It's kind of the main purpose of having a phone plan, to be able to make a phone call. I lost my excellent data plan with my previous carrier when I switched to Fizz so I'm kind of pissed.

Any other solution to make a call from home where the network is not available? It has to be free because otherwise, it won't be worth the hassle and I'll be better off switching to a provider that actually supports wifi calling. Thanks!

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    I don't even think Vidéotron, Fizz's parent company, supports it fully (I think only a few devices and perhaps only if purchased through them).

    If Fongo didn't work, you could try voip.ms (could be down right now due to Dados attack) or Ooma. PM me if you want a 10$ voip.ms referral code.


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    Try Fongo, You can call any number and it is free, it is using Wifi or mobile data

  • Thanks, unfortunately, Fongo didn't work for me, my credit card company recognized the call as spam. :( But thanks for the suggestion!

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    I see members have been discussing Wi-Fi calling for many months now. Unfortunately it doesn't look like it will be offered here any time soon. If you absolutely need Wi-Fi calling, you may have to switch or go back to your previous carrier.

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    Not many of the low cost carriers support WiFi calling. And even with some of the major ones, it is a roll of the dice. Some will work on some platforms, and not others, some phones, not others, etc... Don't know why it is so damn hard to do/offer.

  • Thanks for your replies! I'm switching back to my previous service provider, as it is a deal breaker for me. :(

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    you can also try TextNow! It‘s a Canadian company offering a messenger and phone app (unlimited calls, texts). You get a regular Canadian number but need to be connected to the internet. I’ve been using it for a year now. Works great :)

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    Hope to see you return once Fizz adds Wi-Fi calling.

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