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Hi fizz community!

Hi started recently with fizz for home internet and im thinking to switch my cell too. What is the phone you recommend ? Not too pricey, good camera.

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  • PF_Ref_D2U9A
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    Hi StevieWondering

    Sounds like a great idea!

    I would recommend any iPhone or Samsung phone that meets your budget.

    You can see the Fizz phones for sale here -

    Fizz sells new and preloved used phones.

    You must pay attention to the purchase conditions. There's an option to finance new phones through PayBright. If you buy a new phone that's discounted, you must stay with Fizz mobile for 24 months.

    For example - This limited-time offer consists of applying the promotional rebate indicated on the suggested retail price of the phone in question. The rebate is conditional on (i) maintaining for an uninterrupted period of 24 months a Fizz mobile plan that is already active at the time of the phone’s purchase or (ii) activating a Fizz mobile plan within 7 days of receiving the phone in question (for members who do not already have an active Fizz mobile plan) and maintaining it for 24 months. If either condition is not met, you will be required to refund the prorated portion of the promotional rebate corresponding to the number of months remaining in the initial 24-month term.

  • MyriamC
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    Try the second chance (used) Fizz phones, they are cheaper..

  • ravedave2005
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    if you're looking for a budget phone but a great camera, consider the Google Pixel line, even with less capable lens, googles software still pumps out excellent pictures!

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