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Hello everyone,

Does anyone want to share their referral code with me? I am subscribing to the Home Internet in begining of October!

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    Hello @Snowythesnowflake

    forum members are not allowed to respond explicitly with their referral codes in other threads than this very specific one:

    This is to discourage code spamming and to keep the forum more useful for helping each others.

    On the other hand, members are allowed to put their referral code in their username description which is shown beside our avatar.

    It is in your interest to reserve the installation date now but for October to eventually benefit from the referral prime which is currently doubled for September. Set the appointment in the morning preferably to reduce any delay that the technician would have during his/her day.

    Welcome to Fizz 🤗


  • PF_Ref_D2U9A
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    Hi, feel free to use mine.

    Thank you!

  • Mario_FQDZA
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    You can use any referral code you see in this thread. Do it before September 30th (at the latest) to benefit from a $50 referral bonus. Starting October 1st, the referral bonus will be down to $25 (presumably).

    September 30th is not the deadline to get an installation. You have to register by September 30th at the latest and schedule an appointment date for your installation. But if you want, you can schedule an installation date for later like October or November even (as far as the calendar of appointments go).

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