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Hello, today I received a promo letter in my mail containing a free SIM card as well as some steps to follow in order to activate a new mobile phone line. So I decided to give it a go, however there are still a couple of things I don't get. Could someone clarify the following please:

1) There is NO absolute way to top-up accounts with store-purchased vouchers at Fizz? Why so? Why do we absolutely need a credit card in order to enroll for the service? Also, do I prepay monthly, yearly? How does it work? What is the minimum I need to pay you provided I won't be using the auto top-up thingy as I hate it.

2) There is absolutely NO contact by phone? I'm asking this because although I like to chat, I'm often away from my computer and while on the phone I honestly prefer talking to a rep, if possible. From what I understand you guys don't offer it?

3) I'm with Chatr right now and the great thing about them is the kind of "unlimited" data, wherein you would still be using your mobile internet at lower than 3G speed without paying a dime. I mean, it's not that I won't use 9 gig of data that I'm considering this, but if I can go with just 3 gigs for 35$ a month instead of 4.5 gigs for 40$ (this is what Chatr offers me right now), then I would be concerned about going overboard with my data.

Thanks and enjoy your whatever =)


PS. Your website is reeeeeeally slow on the current Edge build. It's not a question I'm just letting you know. Like, super slow.

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    Hi Shadiac

    I see you have already done a lot of research. How did you manage to receive this promo letter offer?

    1) Fizz does require customers to register a credit card. Fizz will automatically charge the card once a month on the monthly anniversary date. There is no other payment option with Fizz. However, you can use a prepaid card like KoHo. So you can top-up the card as you wish and Fizz will withdraw the funds from the card.

    2) Fizz is 100% online. So correct, no reps to talk with on the phone. I had to contact Fizz customer service earlier today. I started typing my question as soon as I saw the chat box and the rep came on shortly afterwards. She was very helpful. I found the process to be fast and efficient. Plus no waiting on hold.

    3) Fizz doesn't offer unlimited data at snail's pace. Fizz is prepaid, so there are no worries about going over. Fizz offers other benefits such as Data sharing between members, Data rollover for up to 3 months, Referral program (currently $50 to both sides), Loyalty rewards as you progress, and more. I might have missed some. You can see the highlights here:

    Fizz mobile plans can be customised and can be changed monthly to fit your needs. You can take either Quebec, Canada or Canada/USA coverage for when you need to travel. You take what you need:

    Whatever you choose to do, don't dispose of the SIM card. They don't expire. They can be used by any future customer and they are reusable (even after being activated), which is so much better for the environment.

    If you decide to give Fizz a go and you need a referral code, feel free to choose mine. 😊

    p.s. I am not on Edge, so I can't comment. The website does seem to work fine with Chrome.


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    Hi @Shadiac

    1> You are correct. Fizz does not use top-ups. It is a pre-paid service, and have decided that the only method of payment is by credit card. And you prepay monthly. You have the option to choose various plan options, like call zones, amount of data, etc.. They do accept some prepaid cards, like Vanilla ones, but not sure about KoHo. You can contact customer service to confirm about KoHo. However with PRepaid cards, you NEED to make sure to register them, and add an address associated with them. Card with no address registered, may often fail the authorization step and you would have a service interruption :(

    2> Yes, FIZZ is 100% online. There is no number to call for support. All support is done online, and options described here:

    3> Fizz is NOT unlimited. When you use up your Data, you have used up your Data. You can carry data over from one month to another if you don't use it all one month however.

    PS: I just tried the site on the latest version of Edge and I did not find it to be slow. Honestly, I think it was even a little quicker to respond than with Chrome :)

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    Thank you for your answers. This particular website ( does seem to work fast, however the activation process over @ was thinking a lot, so much that I had to refresh pages a couple of times.

    Last question: I chose to create a new number on my SIM (like I said, I got it in my mail; I live in Montreal and the whole apartment block got a similar letter, so...) but didn't enter any payment info. When my current Chatr plan expires (Oct 7), can I still go over the phone number step again and transfer my current phone number over to Fizz or is it too late for that?


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    Hi Shadiac

    You have to make the transfer request at the same time while activating your plan -

    I would suggest to activate a few days before October 7 in case there are any issues with the transfer. Your number has to remain active with Chatr for the transfer to complete.

    Here's a quick overall guide from Fizz:

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    If you want a smoother activation process, I suggest to logoff, clear your browser cache and retry in private mode.

    By the way, if you didn't enter any payment info, it means you didn't complete the activation.

    When you activate your first plan, remember to

    1. Enter the referral code on the Order Summary page where you see the total price including the taxes.
    2. You must also press on the green button to validate the referral code.

    It's the only time and place where you can do this. If you miss the opportunity while activating your plan, it's too late!

    Thank YOU 🙏 for using my referral code 💖 and Welcome to Fizz!⚡️

    p.s. Once you've activated, you'll be able to share your referral code online and with friends and neighbours.

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    Sorry, again, what does the referral code grant me? A 50$ deposited into my account so, say, if I want to go with a 39$ monthly plan, it would use that 50$ so I won't have to pay for next month? Can I use it on the first month instead? (even if I enter my CC info)?

    Sorry again, all this totally new to me. TY very much for your feedback, @PF_Ref_D2U9A =)

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    Hi Shadiac

    Using the referral code will give both of us a credit. The usual amount is $25. Right now the promo credit is $50 for activations up to September 30th.

    The way it works, the credit will be pending for both of us until you've made your second monthly payment. Once it is unlocked, the amount will be applied automatically towards your third bill and subsequent bill if there is any leftover. So if you go with a $39 plan, your third month will be free and your fourth month will cost $28+tax ($39-$11). And if you can refer some friends, the credit will be added to your account and unlocked accordingly.

    If you want to read a bit more about Fizz referrals, here's some helpful guides:

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