Data isn't working outside subscription zone.

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I'm currently traveling, still within Canada and my coverage zone is Canada but my data has not worked since I left the subscription zone. I thought from what I read I'd still have data as long as I was in my coverage zone is there something I'm missing?

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    Yes.. Roaming is required so your phone can connect to the other networks. You don't get charged anything extra, if you already have the Canada Zone coverage.

    I know.. We have all been conditioned to automatically assume ROAMING = $$$$$ 😎


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    Hi @Michael N. #990

    Have you turned on the DATA Roaming option on your Phone ?

  • I have not because I was under the impression roaming meant charges? Is roaming simply for any time I leave the subscription area?

  • Oh okay great! Thanks very much for the clarification! I just always hear people being charged crazy amounts for roaming so avoided it haha

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    YUP.. I remember the OLD days, where if you had roaming on, you were charged a fee for each tower triangulation, regardless if you used your phone, or not. It got pricey real quick.

    Cheers, enjoy your travels, and be safe.

  • Yeah I've heard the stories of people thinking they had data coverage and ended up roaming for a week and getting a thousand dollar bill!

    Thanks I will!