Refurbished or new in sealed box?


Anyone know if new iPhone sold by Fizz are new in apple sealed box or refurbished versions (previously returned to apple)? Thx

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    Hi Herve

    Fizz has both new and used phones for sale. You can see all the models here:

    The new and preloved (used) ones are shown on different pages.

    For example, if you are interested in the iPhone 12

    Do note the fine print that comes with discounted new phones: "This limited-time offer consists of applying the promotional rebate indicated on the suggested retail price of the phone in question. The rebate is conditional on (i) maintaining for an uninterrupted period of 24 months a Fizz mobile plan that is already active at the time of the phone’s purchase or (ii) activating a Fizz mobile plan within 7 days of receiving the phone in question (for members who do not already have an active Fizz mobile plan) and maintaining it for 24 months. If either condition is not met, you will be required to refund the prorated portion of the promotional rebate corresponding to the number of months remaining in the initial 24-month term."


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    If they say new (not "second chance"), they are new. They CAN'T legally sell refurbished as NEW.

    Refurbs are sold as second chance, "perfect condition".

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    i dont think it is wise to buy a preloved or refurbished phones.

    electronic devices tend to age very rapidly and their lifetime is actually very short.

    electronic components are fragile and have a short life span : the more you use them, the fastest they detoriate and go to trouble...

    and dont forget the '' planned obsolesence '' a powerful software-based tool to render your e-device worthless faster than expected....

    better to get a brand-new phone. dont forget to get the latest up-to-date iOS/Android : if you buy a older phone, you are likely to get stuck with an outdated OS very shortly, thus facing countless bugs, vulnerabilities and prone to hacks...

    my suggestion ? you should consider a phone with the latest OS available, a safe guaranty to keep it up-to-date for foreseable time ...

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