What is the ETA for IPv6 deploy?

With IPv6 being used more and more all over the Internet and more and more IPv6 only resources being available, when Fizz is going to provide native IPv6 to its customers?


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    Pretty sure it will be a while. Even videotron, only provides IPv6 functionality to their Helix customers only.

    It's not a limitation of the fizz modem, since it has all IPv6 firewall rules and other options. May need a few firmware updates once they decide to deploy it, but surely not anything major.

    However, even if they ever offer it, the question also is, will it be strictly for users using thier modem as a router, or will users using it in bridge mode also be able to get an IPv6 on WAN.

    For the moment, I don't have a need for it, but all my equipment is ready for it except for my old HP laserjet 4100 whcih has an JetDirect 610n which does not support IPv6. But I guess when the time comes, I could always replace the JEtdirect 610n with a 635n which does support IPv6.