How to get a sim card faster?

My gf just created her account and ordered a new phone with a new plan. They say the delivery is expected for September 15th.

The problem is that we won't be home to receive the package which means that it will probably end up in the post office. The most probable outcome is that we won't be able to activate the Sim card before September 16th. We wanted to benefit from the 75$ referral bonus that ends on the 15th, but it won't be possible without the sim card on that date.

I saw on Fizz website that we could get the card in selected gas stations (there is one near my location). Is there a way I could go get the sim card there and activate it with another phone by the time we receive the new one?

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


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    Hi @Bino

    I don't know where you live, but many Couche-Tard stores also sell Fizz SIM cards. You can buy one and use that to activate your plan. As long as you don't activate the sim card that will eventually come in the mail, you can keep it as a spare, or give it to a family member/freind who may want Fizz in the future.

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    Hi Bino

    You have a great idea to be able to activate by September 15th and receive the $75 promo on both accounts.

    Just be sure the phone you already have is unlocked and compatible with Fizz network.

    As mentioned, when you receive the delivery package, you can pop in the activated SIM card to your new phone. Also the extra SIM card does not expire and can be used by anyone.

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    My delivery actually came the next day after I ordered and the courrier just stuck it on my mailbox without buzzing me. I came by and saw it later in the day. I'd recommend to wait 1-2 days then buy the SIM at a store if you still haven't received it by then.

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    @clover are you talking about SIM card delivery?

    Bino ordered a phone and SIM card. I think this requires in person delivery signature or pick up.

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    oh I see my bad

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