Can I get a mobile plan without buying a new phone from Fizz?

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Hi all!

Right now I have a mobile plan with Videotron, but I was looking to get a better price. Videotron has a promotion of 20 Go for 55/month, but I must select a new phone to be eligible (which means that I must pay for the phone too). I'm incredibly satisfied with my actual phone (Huawei P30 lite) and I was wondering if the same rules apply to Fizz for their mobile plan.

I saw that for 60$/month, I could get 20 Go, but I'm not sure if I have to get a new phone with them to be eligible to that price.

Tldr: Can I keep my phone and get 20Go for 60$/month with Fizz?

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    Hi Bino

    Fizz is prepaid and there are no contracts here unless you buy a discounted phone.

    Buying a Fizz phone is really optional.

    Yes you can take the 20 Gb plan for $60 without buying a phone.


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    You don't need to buy a phone from Fizz to qualify for thier plans. All plans assume you will "bring your own device". If you decide to buy a phone, great. But that is a separate transaction. The phone may even have a dscount if you keep a plan for at least 24 months, but the plan itself does not change.

    Buying a phone and getting a phone plan are 2 separate things.

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    you don't have to buy another one to get a plan with Fizz...

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    Remember to use a friend's referral code when you activate your first plan.

    If you need a code, feel free to pick mine. 😉

    You will receive $75 credit when you activate your plan by September 15.🤑

    Between September 16 and 30, the credit will be $50. After that, the credit goes back to the usual $25.

    If you need to get a SIM card, you can order it online or find it at Couche-Tard:

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    I'm using a phone I got from 2015 with Fizz

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