My friend want a phone number for two months

So can he just get fizz plan and after the two month he can cancel the phone number? He was thinking to get Fido prepaid plan which is 15$ to couple minutes talk and text but fizz looks better, not sure what he should do with the number afterwards!?

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    Hi Dolphin

    Fizz is prepaid and there is no contract. So your friend can sign-up for any plan and even change it monthly as needed. When your friend no longer wants to renew the plan, be sure to unsubscribe and the plan will be terminated. The number will go back to Fizz to be made available to a future customer.

    How to unsubscribe:

    Do note that if your friend uses a referral code, they will receive $75 (promo until September 15th) credit that can be used towards their 3rd month of service and onward if they like to keep their Fizz plan longer.

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