Paybright payment wth rebates

So currently there are rebates on few phones. We also have the option of paying using paybright.

But the terms of Fizz say that if we cancel services with them before 24 months, then we need to repay the prorated part of rebate for the phone. (an earlier ques I asked which was answered)

My question is - does these terms also apply to paybright option?

E.g. S20FE is $475 with rebates currently. With paybright, it is $19.79 per month for 24 months (making it $475). But per my understanding, the contract for payment will be with paybright. I presume it will be $19.79 for 24 months. If I then deactivate Fizz before finishing 24 months, how will paybright change the terms of payment? Will they collect the money through an updated contract, especially the prorated rebate part? This isn't mentioned in the terms mentioned anywhere.

Anyone knows how does this work?



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    Hi Sumeet

    The same terms apply to either method of payment.

    In either case, I believe it is Fizz, not PayBright, who will charge you the prorated portion.

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    @Sumeet Duggal

    Your paybright payments will remain the same for the 24 months regardless if you are will Fizz or not. So your contract for the phone (discounted price), is with PayBright.

    At the time of cancellation, you will need to pay the prorated balance to Fizz, since it is Fizz that subsidizes that rebate portion.

    Hope this clarifies it ?