Visual voicemail seems to be on my dad’s iPhone 8, but not on my iPhone XR.

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I’d like to know, is it normal that the visual voicemail (with the voicemail messages list, not the call voicemail) works on my dad’s iPhone 8 with his fizz plan, but not on my iPhone XR (which still works on the normal/old call voicemail). And the other weird thing is that the visual voicemail on my dad’s iPhone 8 doesn’t show new voicemail messages, so he has to manually call the old voicemail’s number to hear his messages.

Does anybody have experienced something similar? Do you have an idea why this happens? Would it be a bug? 🤔

Thanks for your help! 😊


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  • GyslainH
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    Visual voicemail is not at fizz yet so it shouldn't work on any iPhone under Fizz


  • Simon G. #12178
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    If the visual voicemail is not with fizz yet, why is it on my dad’s phone then? It’s there, even though it’s not working. And there is no way to deactivate the visual voicemail.

  • StefanM
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    They are currently doing behind the scenes work for the eventual roll-out. It can sometimes show up in some phones but it’s not activated. Happened to me a couple of weeks too. It was there for a week, inactive and then eventually removed again.

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