Trying to buy a phone via Web Browser

Hello! I'm trying to buy a phone via Google Chrome on my Fizz account but once I select the phone I can't find any button to order it. Could anyone help me out with that? Do I need to install the Fizz application?


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    Hi @Achille P.

    On the bottom of the Web browser, there is an option for payment option. Financing will include the paybright banner below, otherwise pay now will just give you option for pay and then save on bottom right.

    IF you have a small screen resolution, for the 2 buttons, you MAY have to scroll down to see them.

    Keep in mind, some phones are NOT in stock and will not give you the option to buy them, they will tell you "unavailable, change your optons".

    If Chrome does not work for you, maybe try another browser, like firefox.

  • Hi Achille!

    You can surely buy a phone via Google Chrome.

    Once you have selected your phone of choice, there should be "Payment options" on the right-hand side of the picture of the phone. From there, there should be 2 options in boxes. Either financing with PayBright or Pay now. You'd then press save at the bottom right of your screen.

    It will prompt you to a couple of options regarding your plan and whether or not you need to purchase a new sim card. You have to click "Save" after answering each questions until it gets you to confirm your payment method as well as shipping address.

    Hope this helps :)

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    Hello @Achille P.

    I had a similar issue all you gotta do is simply reload the page and the button to purchase the phone should appear

  • You may need to download a different browser to attempt to purchase. It may be causing a glitch!

  • Stanley M.
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    Try reloading the screen or using another browser if it doesn't work.

  • Hi!

    I have the same problem. I'm trying to buy the Iphone 7 and it says it IS available but I don't have the "Save" button to purchase it. I've tried with a different (and much more expensive phone!) and (not)surprisingly, for that model I have the option to buy it...

    Nice marketing trick...

    Any way we can fix that?

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