Would pay as you go work for this?

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Hello all, for validating some accounts by SMS, I’m currently using a VOIP provider to receive those SMS when I don’t want to share my main personal phone number. I am not really satisfied with VOIP, sometimes the service is showing as offline ad recently some SMS are not received in time or at all.

Could I order a new Fizz sim card, port my number to Fizz, add like 10$ to my wallet and only use the pay as you go function for a SMS once in a while? From what I understand it’s 0.05$ for a SMS and 0.30$ for one minute call. At the rate I am receiving those SMS, 10$ would last me over a year.

Is this how pay as you go work or does it cost a minumum amount every month to have a Fizz sim card active?

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    One thing that you need to consider is that Fizz offers you a mobile plan. So you cannot simply a have SIM with 0$ costs and just a few Text messages once in a while.

    the cheapest plan you can currently get at Fizz is 12$ per month which is a whole pay-as-you-go tariff. So you would need to factor in the cost (12x12 = 144)

    I recommend TextNow, they charge you about 7$ a year to lock in your number and the rest is free (VOIP provider )

    hope this helps :)


  • fizzywizzy
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    Alright that answers my question perfectly. Thank you for the recommendation, I will check out TextNow!

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