I am able to see that I have two voicemails while I am in Europe. I used another phone dialed +1-514-647-0999 chose English and then I get the message "Since you are calling from an unknown number please enter your phone number now"

I endlessly tried my Fizz phone number in both formats 1-613-883.... and 613-883... with or without the # at the end. Every single time my line gets disconnected shortly after.

Thoughts? how do I verify those voicemails from overseas? Please advise!

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  • Dan M. #8613
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    Answering my own question: I typed fast 613883... followed quickly by # and the next question was to input my pin followed by #. From there all the menus worked! So is just a matter of Fizz tuning their voicemail a bit !? /shrug


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