Did not receive text message from previous provider to transfer number and close account there.

wideffect Posts: 1 ✭✭

I received my sim card today. At 6:30 I went on http://fizz.ca/activation to start the process. I asked for a number transfer from Telus. On the fizz website, after completing the steps, I got instructions to leave my old sim card in to wait for a text from Telus that will ask permission to close account with them and transfer number. It is passed midnight and I have not received any text from Telus. Furthermore, since 6h30pm, my girlfriend has not been able to text me through regular messages, while she was able to call me. I contacted Telus and they verified that the Port was not proceeded to the transfer state with Fizz, and my account was still with them at this time. I haven’t received any news from Fizz, no notification, no updates, and a time was projected that it should take 2h, when it has now been 6h. What is happening to my account, and what can I do to make things move?


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