How long does it take for points to appear on my account?

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I need a few more points to change levels. When I like posts or leave replies, it's supposed to give me points, but when I check, nothing has changed. Does it update once a day or more often than that?

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  • Pianotime
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    It just told me that my badge had given me 50pts but I'm not seeing this yet, makes me think it's not instant. Good to know that likes don't give points!


  • Dapfizzer
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    not all points made on the forum are displayed in the account, but those that should be displayed are automatically done.

  • Idefizz
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    Hello @Pianotime

    Liking posts no longer give points, since March.

    Replying, like I'm doing right now, will give 3pts immediately in both my account and forum points. If my answer is the first chosen as Best Answer in this thread, it will also give 50pts immediately on both (not suggesting you to do so, I've already reached the highest ranks).

    Just remember that paying your bills gives you points too in your account (10 pts / $ spent on a plan). Some badges give account points too (at least 50pts, depends on badge), just like giving data (3pts).

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