I thought that Fizz was a prepaid company what happen Fizz?

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Dearest Fizz Mobile I'm one of your customers.

I was looking into getting one of your preloved phone but I came across with something I didn't expected.

I looked at the iPhone 7 which was released 5 years ago and to buy as a preloved phone with your company I must submit myself into a 24 months agreements with Fizz, as soon as you mention a 24 months agreement that becomes a contract and that is for a 5 years old phone, looks like this company is extremely greedy and should stop doing that.

Also I have a question: there is a 24 agreement that means that you do a credit check ?.

In anyway I have been with Fizz for almost 9 months so I think is time to look for another company I can't stand greedy companies.

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    The financing of a phone has nothing to do with a prepaid or postpaid of a telephone service.

    They are willing to give you a discount (prorated over 24 months) as long as you remain a customer for at least 24 months. If you decide to leave before 24 months (which you are allowed to), you just need to pay the remainder of what the discount would have been over the remainder of the 24 months.

    Example (to make numbers simple), lets say they were giving you a $240 rebate on the phone, over the 24 months. So that is effectively $10/month rebate. If you decide to leave 6 months later, then you will have gotten $60 total in rebates, but you will own Fizz $180, which you would have only received over the remainder of the 18 of the 24 months the rebate was being offered for.

    This is like ANY other company. They try to provide an incentive for you to stay as long as possible. You get a phone for cheaper, but in exchange you agree to stay for at least 24 months. If you do, you get to keep the discount. If not, you need to pay the amount that you did not "earn".


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    Seems about right for me, those price are good. You pay 100$ but you stay with Fizz or 230$ and you can go where you want with it.

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